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I’ve had many conversations with clients who interested in having a bit more fullness to their lips but were paralyzed with fear they wouldn’t look natural. Worse, they would have “duck lips” or “those Kardashian girls’ lips.” I felt like I was always saying “I promise, I won’t give you duck lips. They will look so natural, no one will even know” Of course it was easy for me to say because that’s how my lips look, natural, and I have filler. That’s all I ever wanted though, just a bit of hydration to soften the lines and prevent the lines above and below my lips from getting too deep.

If you are interested in augmented, oversized lips that are not in proportion with your facial features I AM NOT YOUR GAL! If you want soft, hydrated, slightly fuller and balanced lips please KEEP READING.

We can’t deny that social media, magazines, and entertainment T.V has played a HUGE role to exceptionally full lips becoming a “thing.” It’s a trend, I get it. I grew up in the 80’s. The decade was defined by the bigger the better. Big perms back combed to new heights and held in place with a gallon of hairspray. Unfortunately, I could never really compete because I had fine hair but some of my friends could’ve literally injured someone with the size of their hair. Oh, and don’t forget about the blue eyeliner, coloured mascara, and big earrings to top off the over-the-top look. I’m laughing so hard right now thinking about how absurd I looked! But the difference between the 80’s big and flashy trend was that it wasn’t permanent. You could wash off that blue eyeliner, shampoo your hair twice, sometimes three times, to get all the hairspray out and remove those bangled earrings placing them on the dresser above your Tom Cruise poster.

Lip filler lasts longer than a washing, and when over injected, not only does it pull from the natural beauty that is you because everyone is staring at your lips, but it’s also difficult to remove and very painful. AND that’s just the half of it. When you over inject your lips making them bigger and bigger the filler acts as a tissue expander—you’re permanently stretching the already thin skin that is there causing the lips to sag and deflate when the filler eventually degrades. The result: you’re left with saggy, shapeless lips. Thus, you’re having to overcompensate with more filler than the time before.

Our goal at Fine Lines is to make sure you leave our clinic looking and feeling great. We are highly qualified injectors, and we are experts in our field. We use top of the line products and will explain the injection procedure to you in detail, but we will not over-inject you. Your lips don’t need their own postal code!

Taking the time to get to know our patients and understand their goals is so important to us, that is why we don’t rush our consultations. This is the best way to foster a trusting relationship…we take the time to listen! When you leave our clinic, your lips will look hydrated, natural, and beautiful!!

Let’s celebrate our unique beauty instead of replicating everyone else’s.


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