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There's a Fine Line
between too much 
& too little
Knowing the right amount is an art

Love the Journey of Aging With Confidence

At Fine Lines our nursing team is dedicated to providing exceptional  care for our clients. Our focus is on quality, rather than quantity. We work together with our clients to understand their personal anti-aging goals and create a personalized plan to help them achieve natural results. 


We remain focused on what is important for us – safety, ongoing training around the globe and thoughtful consultations.

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Positive Aging

Don’t hide your age, celebrate it! Positive aging at any age is about harmony and balance. We believe a conservative approach to any treatment is key for a natural, refreshed look!




The world's first and only Health Canada approved combined Pulsed Wave and continuous Wave Radio Frequency Micro Needling device targeting eyes, skin laxity and pigmentation for ultimate skin rejuvenation. 

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Skin Boosters

Discover the first and only hyaluronic acid injectable designed to boost skin smoothness. Say hello to radiant, youthful skin!

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Natural,  Results

Regain your confidence without sacrificing your youthful appearance.

 Our Experts


RN, Nurse Injector


RN, Nurse Injector


Licensed Skin Care Specialist

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"Aging with confidence is a

marathon not a sprint."

"Be your own kind of beautiful"

"Beauty is about enhancing

what you have. Let yourself shine through."

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There's a 
Between too much and too little;
A laugh can be infectious or annoying;
A light can be illuminating or harsh;
A fragrance can be daunting or nauseating;
Knowing the right amount is an art.
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